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Aluminium and alloy products

Semi-fabricated and fabricated products comprising of commercially pure aluminium (99%) and/or aluminium alloy. These items are generally used within the architectural and related industries and for general engineering and commercial purposes.


These products, when stored and fixed in accordance with best practice do not constitute a hazard.

The correct lifting and handling procedures must be followed to avoid the possibility of personal injury.

When fixing the product, cutting of skin is possible when handling, particularly on the material edges.

Drilling and cutting the product may produce chippings which could result in eye or skin damage. Filing and cutting operations can also result in the production of a fine dust, which may cause discomfort if inhaled.

Toxic fumes, which could be inhaled, may be produced from aluminium products if overheated. This includes the use of unsuitable equipment, eg abrasive wheels for cutting purposes, blow lamps, etc. Fumes, which may burn, can be caused if the aluminium is involved with a fire.

Aluminium and aluminium alloy can also be softened, with a consequent loss in strength, when subjected to temperatures above 215°.


Protective gloves should always be worn to avoid skin damage when handling aluminium and alloy products.

Eye protection should always be used during drilling and cutting operations.

GA products are always to be worked and fixed with best practice, as outlined in our technical notes.

Material should only be lifted and moved in accordance with the HSE manual handling regulations. When subjecting the items to high temperatures ensure adequate ventilation is provided.

In a fire, breathing apparatus should be worn.

Never use blow lamps, abrasive wheels for cutting, or other unsuitable equipment, on or adjacent to GA products.

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