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Final Inspection Tolerances

In accordance with most production methods, tolerances are necessary to cover variations in the actual process and to allow for tool wear. Differences in surface texture, as with perforated and patterned products, can also affect dimensional accuracy.

GA 5* final inspection tolerances have been carefully selected as appropriate to satisfy the needs of the architectural market. These clearly defined fabrication limits help to minimise and / or prevent difficulties arising in the majority of on-site erection or assembly projects. If it is considered tighter accuracy is required we will be pleased to confirm if this is possible. Unless otherwise stated at the time of quotation and/or ordering, fabricated items produced by our Company will comply with the GA 5* Fabrication standard.

Table GA 1

Cut lengths – overall tolerances

Sawn +/– 1.00mm

Sheared +/– 1.00mm

Table GA 1

Table GA 2

Cut lengths – angular tolerances

Sawn +/– 0.50°

Sheared +/– 1.00°

Table GA 2

Table GA 3

Sections and flanges formed by press brake and other folding methods.

Allowable deviation from angle specified

Plain sheet +/– 1.00°

Perforated sheet +/– 1.00°

Patterned sheet +/– 1.00°

Table GA 3

Table GA 4

Sections & flanges formed by press brake and other folding methods.

Tolerances from given sizes and flanges

Plain sheet +/– 0.50mm

Perforated sheet +/– 2.00mm

Patterned sheet +/– 2.00mm

Table GA 4

Table GA 5

Rolled components after fabrication.

Allowable deviation from intended curve or camber at mid-length of curved portion

Sheets +/– 5.00mm per metre of curved length

Profiles +/– 5.00mm per metre of curved length

Table GA 5

Table GA 6

Tolerances on holes, punched or drilled (not part of perforated configurations)

On isolated holes +/– 1.00mm

On group of holes relative to each other +/– 0.50mm

Table GA 6

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