Gooding Aluminium Product Test Results | Suspended Ceiling Panels

Ceiling Panels (suspended)

Test Methods

These tests were carried out in accordance with BS EN 13964: 2004
Suspended ceilings, Requirements and test methods.

NB Suspended ceiling panels supplied by Gooding Aluminium are not designed to have electrical wiring installed. Where this is a requirement the specifier and installer should ensure that all regulations have been complied with and in particular that consideration has been given to the CENELEC HD 384 series of documents.
(CENELEC HD 384 Series: Electrical Safety in Buildings (20 parts).

Test Report No. BT07725TGE issued by CERAM Research Limited

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EN 13964
Suspended ceiling membrane component for use internally in buildings
Reaction to fire
Release of asbestos
Release of formaldehyde
Flexural tensile strength
Sound absorption
Thermal conductivity
Euroclass A1
No content
Class E1
Class 1/B/No Load

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