Aluminium Balustrade Panels Package BP4

Aluminium Balustrade Panels:- Package BP4

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  • Package ref: BP4
  • GA pattern code: min 2mm thickness with GA Squeeze Frame: 3mm thickness with plain border only
  • Plain border dimensions or GA Squeeze Frame ref.
  • Fixing holes: yes / no? (supply details if required)
  • Number of panels
  • Surface finish: mill, powder coat, satin brushed (1 side or 2)
  • Panel dimensions: A, B, D & radius & angle of rake or A, C, E & radius & angle of rake

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GA Processing

Independent test results:

Infil panels comply with 500Nm referred to in BS 8200:1985 (for containment of people) when dimensions / material specification / size and distance of fixing holes from outside edge do not exceed quoted GA test parameters and follow GA fixing recommendations.

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