GA Gooding Aluminium - European Standards and Specifications

European Standards and Specifications

A multiplicity of aluminium alloy, tempers, heat treatment conditions, etc, have been developed to satisfy both general and industry specific needs.

We have included below only those specifications that apply to the GA product range and are therefore relevant to the architectural industry.

The material specification for each product is given on the relevant page.

Aluminium alloy extrusions

Standard EN 515/573/755
Specification and condition

6063 T5

A versatile extruded alloy, suitable for a vast range of general applications and in particular where good surface finish and / or anodising qualities are required. A good welding grade and some ductility when formed or worked. Available in the widest size range.

Aluminium and alloy sheet

Standard EN 485/515/573
Specification and condition

IO50A H14

Widely used for general sheet metalworking and fabrication purposes including welding. Available in the full size range. Good anodising qualities.

5005 H14

Developed specifically for the anodising market. Good uniformity of finish but shade variations are still possible from sheet to sheet, as the truly variable factor is the anodising process itself.

5754 H22

A medium strength alloy, often used in tread grip products.

Please find below an example of how to describe a material standard and specification:
Aluminium sheet to EN 485/515/573 1050AH14

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