Chequer / Textured Sheet

Aluminium Alloy chequer plate, also known as 5 Bar, Durbar & Treadplate, is an impressively robust, long lasting and visually appealing material.
Chequer plate is widely used for various surface protection applications in both exterior and interior applications.
When used as a vertical cladding material to safeguard doors and walls, maintenance costs are reduced by not having to constantly repair and re-decorate unprotected surfaces.
Available from stock in both the mill (untreated) and anodised surface finishes.
The anodised finish, with its decorative matt anti-glare qualities, provides a hygienic, corrosion resistant sealed surface, which is more aesthetically pleasing than the mill finish (untreated) option.
We quickly fabricate chequer plates by cutting, forming, hole drilling and notching to suit project specific requirements.
You can order standard size sheets online for immediate collection from our London warehouse or call our Sales Team to discuss your custom fabrication requirements.

Chequer / Tread Plate

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Chequer Plate - GA HGP1601 Mill (untreated) Select

Textured Aluminium Sheet

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Textured Aluminium Sheet - GA VXS21 Natural Anodised Select