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About Free Samples

Free Aluminium Samples

Who can apply
Our Free Online Aluminium Samples Service is available to Architects, Contractors and Design Professionals.

How to apply
You can apply online for your free samples wherever you see the ‘Get Free Sample’ link (positioned adjacent to the product listings). Each sample request is added automatically to your basket.

Sheet and Profiles samples are kept in stock, pre-cut, cleaned and labelled and are therefore ready for posting within 1 working day of request.

The standard sample sizes are as follows;
Sheet: 150mm x 100mm
Profiles: 50mm long

Why apply
There really is no substitute for viewing and handling the ‘real thing’.

Aluminium is an ideal material for specification. It is an attractive, lightweight, low maintenance contemporary metal that is corrosion resistant and combines most effectively with ceramic, glass, stone and wood.

However before ordering an item for the first time, it is recommended that a sample is requested to ensure this fully satisfies your expectations.

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